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Ruchi has earned a bachelors degree in Architecture from Lucknow in 1998. During her college years she developed a deep passion for drawing, that led her to publications of illustrations for the Times of India's Lucknow edition and political cartoons for the Momentum magazine. After her degree Ruchi took training in 2D Animation, where she combined drawing and storytelling.


  During her journey, first in architecture and later in animation, Ruchi realized the importance of structure as the key foundation over which the surface lies. After developing an eye for gesture and expressions she felt the need to learn anatomy in depth, to understand the skeletal and muscular interplay which is wrapped by skin on top. For Ruchi, Michelangelo’s drawings and sculptures, with his impeccable understanding of bones and muscles, were a constant source of inspiration. At the Art Students League in New York, Frank Porcu mentored Ruchi for two years to deepen the understanding and expression of the complex under-structure in her work. 

  After returning to India Ruchi started to share her love and knowledge for anatomy to animation students at the DSK-Rubika International Campus, Pune. In almost a decade of teaching there, she devised a curriculum combining progressive exercises and art projects in drawing and sculpting. The curriculum used a classical base to bring believability in students' creative expression as suited for the animation industry and proved to stimulate tremendous growth in the students in little time.

  During her time as a teacher Ruchi continued to visit academies like the Art Students League and Grand Central Academy to continue with her personal quest and learn from contemporary artists. Currently she is on a sabbatical to pursue the Sculpture Program at Florence Academy of Art, Italy. Ruchi's graduation is expected in June 2019.

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